Who Moved My Stilton ?

The Victorian Guide to Getting Ahead in Business

Awake your inner Plutocrat with this rousing Guide to the secrets of success in commerce and industry.

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Written with Mr Alan Tyers of Clerkenwell and published by Bloomsbury. Order Who Moved My Stilton ? without delay !

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Published 8th November, 2012

Gin & Juice

A parenting manual of qualified success for those bereft of the pedagogic insight or moral courage to manage infants on their own. Written with the celebrated demagog of the North London literary scene, Mr Alan Tyers.

Published by Bloomsbury of London and widely available.

Those wishing to impecune the writers and destroy the publishing industry as we know it by reading lengthy extracts from the book without paying for them may do so at the forthcoming Gin & Juice website. Your disregard for the authors’ feelings (and pockets) has been noted.

W.G. Grace Ate My Pedalo

A diverting exploration of the evils of modern Cricket, conceived and executed with the eminent beat poet and literary dandy, Mr Alan Tyers (no relation).

Illustrated lavishly throughout in a manner that has proved pleasing to critics and reader alike.

Published by John Wisden & Co., and still extant.

Vagabonds and cutpurses may peruse some of the material contained within at no cost to themselves (but at great pain to the authors) at the official W.G. Grace Ate My Pedalo website.