Being the 18th June, a wearisome day.

Gin Rummy

Numbness of the fingers—as any illustrator of your acquaintance who has spent more than a few years frozen in the ice will tell you—can result in a certain stiffness of line. Fortunately, after a lengthy and intensive period of experimentation with a range of liquified plant extracts, Mr Von Beach has found that Gin, taken early, often, and in medicinal quantities, provides just the right degree of digital réchauffement required to ensure that his artistry improves or—failing this—that he no longer cares.

So the reader will appreciate the eagerness with which Mr Von Beach undertook this latest commission for the City of London Distillery. The brief, for illustrations to adorn both the label and distillery walls, was not overly taxing, but—ever the professional—he still devoted several very long nights to close interrogation of the brand in order to get things just so.

C.O.L.D. Gin Still

Fig. 1. Be Still, my beating heart

C.O.L.D. St Paul's

Fig. 2. “Juniper berries, up again !”